Book Review: Ayesha Marfani's In The Light Of Seerah Is All About Strong StoryTelling!


Parents should encourage their young children to read at an early age. For this purpose, one should fill kids’ room with colorful books so that they will find book more attractive rather than watching TV or playing a video game. The books choice should be as per child’s interest and hobby.

To motivate a kid to start reading, one should become a role model who spends a specific time for reading. We all know that reading and storytelling actually promotes intellect growth and imagination. It also trains kid how to use a language properly as well as gives emotional depth for future life.

Apart from fairy-tales and other books, give your children books about historical and religious role models so that they can take inspiration from such models. Nothing can be a marvelous example of role model than the life of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). You can tell a lot of things about his life to your kids but I have a wonderful solution for telling it to children in a more easy way.

Recently, I have read a book, In the Light of Seerah, written by internationally acclaimed author Ayesha Marfani. This book covers the whole life of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in a very simple language that would be perfect for young children to understand. The book comprises of 25 stories with short to the point chapters. Each story has a lesson about problems of daily life, for instance, harassment, mistreatment, tolerance, courage etc. By reading these kind of stories, young kids can understand how Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) always prefer to deal such issues in his life. 

At the end of each story, the incidence of Prophet’s life reveals how one should act with other people, liars, hypocrites, and deals with victimization, grief, and negativity while maintaining the bravery, honesty, patience, peace and true qualities of a leader.

In The Light Of Seerah is a wonderful book for children to learn so much from the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and its application in one’s daily routine. The language of the book is simple to understand and the overall content is engaging that will compel children to read it again and again. 

Having a genre about fiction, fantasy, and children's book, Marfani’s storytelling is so powerful that not only children but even adults would love to read the stories for their simplicity and strong moral lessons.

In the Light of Seerah is now available for RS 850. You can order more books by Ayesha Marfani through this link.