Should I Love Money?


The age old adage. Money! 
Should I love it or hate it? 
Should I earn more of it?
Should I be content with what I have and I am earning?
Oh, it’s a tough one.

But there is one good barometer to ascertain the kind of money you want. Your needs. Not your wants, just the needs.The difference is critical here. 

Needs are those which you can’t possibly live without and wants can include luxury items also. Needs are maybe 5 dresses for house wear and 5 for work but wants can include 10 for each. Ascertaining how much your needs are is really important.

If we put all religious connotations aside, earning good money is not a bad thing. It only becomes bad when money becomes the center of all doings. So, working towards earning more of it is essentially not a bad thing.

What is next?

Saving I guess. Now is the trying time. How much to save? How much is enough to buy me the new dress or fund my child’s college education when he grows up? These are critical decisions. Saving money is important but so is finding out what chunks you want to save. Personally, I think 20 - 30 percent is a good enough amount, but if you want to save 50 percent and can do that without disturbing your monthly budget then why not. It is actually fantastic if you can save half the amount that you have earned. 

Money Mindset

This doesn’t mean you are a greed ridden person who thinks about money all the time. This essentially means you need to have a mindset that thinks of ways of creating money, saving it in innovative ways and spending it frugally. This also means that a positive thought process is required all through this. This may not be as difficult as it seems.

So let’s embark on this journey. Let’s learn of positive ways of earning, spending and saving money. 

But. one post at a time 😉

(To be continued...)

Uroosa Kanwal writes on personal finance and is working on her own small idea to help bloggers. You can find more of her writings at Finance It Out!



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