Tabba Heart Institute's Diagnostic & Consultation Services Now Opens In DHA


Being a daughter of a heart patient, I can understand the importance of a diagnostic center near your residence. This is the reason I am glad that Tabba Heart Institute has opened a new OPD set-up and services in a locality that was earlier deprived of such state-of-art facilities.

Tabba Heart Institute is providing its services of cardiovascular and other related ailments to the masses since 2005, through its main centre in Federal B Area. Keeping in mind the need of a its patients, THI decided to open its latest Diagnostic Facility and Consultation Services in DHA just for the convenience of Clifton, DHA and other nearby areas’ residents. 

Located at a custom build building at Main Korangi road, near Kala Pull, Phase II, Defence Housing Authority, the new facility centre will provide consultation services of well-known cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from Tabba Heart Institute.

It will also provide services from Tabba Kidney Institute throughout the week. All these services will include lab tests, pharmacy, Non Invasive Diagnostics tests including ETT, Echo, X-ray, Nuclear Scan Thallium Scan, Holter Monitoring. Ambulatory BP Monitoring, Tilt Table test and ECG.

TBI is a dream project of late Chairman Mr. Abdul Razzak Tabba. It has world class infrastructure backed by American Board trained physicians and cardiac surgeons. The highly trained para medical staff, nurses is another feature of TBI whose services have been recognized by American College of Cardiology as being the first and only hospital in Pakistan for providing quality cardiac care.

Check out the following video to have an idea about the new diagnostic and consultation center at DHA. 


 The new centre is now functional and appointments or other inquiries can be taken from the information desk or by calling 0312-0844 844, 111-844-844. 

[Video Courtesy Munir Rahool]


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