The Bloggers' Meet-Up Of The Town


It was a warm evening of anticipation. Yes that is the word. Brands have a natural pull and people want to show up at their events to learn about them. What is the charm of showing up at a meet up?

I had the same question in mind when i was debating with myself on forming a meet-up. It would always come down to, ' it's a meeting, don't overthink it.' But a small event was making me nervous. I still think it was more than just nerves. It was a question on how our dynamics as part of a group and the city work. As social animals we are inclined to socialize but as Karachiites we have a different social order to things or rather we have developed a different social order. We speculate and we judge. A lot sometimes, leading to the eventual break down of intentions and promises.

Let's take an example. From my personal life. I love attending the Plant Show that happens every year on Sea-view. It helps me see the diversity and I was looking forward this year to buying a lot of succulents. But... It was largely disappointing. The variety had gone down and so had the pull of the exhibit. 

Photo: Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan
Would i go next year? Maybe but not with so much jubilation especially since there was such an exorbitant price ticket on the entrance which used to be virtually free with a large footfall.

Array Of Flowers At The Plant Show
I wondered if my meet-up would have the same fate? Fizzling and dying out eventually. 'Overthinking' again. Let's face it. Technology changes and so does the way we do business but outreach and the way businesses have created an outreach hasn't changed. That is alarming.

Marketing is still being ruled by age old concepts of large bill boards and advertising space on TV channels. Huge marketing budgets are set for viewership. Content marketing and distribution is in its nascency. We still believe in standing out from the crowd by being the bold and the beautiful. We still have problem mixing and having a conversation to get our message across. The bold and the beautiful stance requires 1 lac rupees (a conservative figure). The same amount spent on a content marketing mix would reach more people and more conversions would ensue. But then that’s just my point of view.

Bloggers enjoying the event

The days went by and finally came the day of the meet-up. Meeting with bloggers was comforting in one way. They wanted such a space to survive. They wanted to meet and know more. They want to grow their businesses. Whether for sake of having a conversation or just to get out of their hectic work routines, such a space gave them a breather. The reasons were different but it seemed to grow on them. Apart from some logistics issues no one had issues with a space. K-Town found supporters and it was live.

If you are wondering, will there be another meet-up? 
Yes, definitely. Actually, it’s just around the corner. Do join us and let’s get the conversation going. 
Want to know what happened? Read here all the details.


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