Review - Pujaran Is An Impressive Story Of Greediness


The star-studded cast and a very engaging story of the drama serial Pujaran caught our attention and compelled us to watch its each and every episode. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that up till now all episodes are so much appealing and likeable that anyone can develop interest in its unique tale.

Directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi, Pujaran is a story of a lower middle class girl, Madiha, and her greediness for wealth and status which disturbs lives of many individuals’. Played by Sarwat Gillani, Madiha who belongs to a poor family, wants to lead a luxurious life and in order to fulfill this goal, she is lying, conspiring, betraying and even cheating people, just to achieve her dark motives.

She is well aware of her beauty and using it to lure anyone. She is deceiving a middle class young man Shahid (Kamran Jelani) who mostly helps her with all kind of financial support. But as soon as he tries to propose her, Madiha crafts unusual lame excuses to stay away from this discussion. 

In reality, she is very much interested in her friend’s rich cousin Aabis (Zahid Ahmed) who wants to marry Madiha’s friend Haniya. The story becomes a little complex as Haniya (Alizey Rasool) formulates a proposal for Madiha to get married to Aabis’ big brother, Ramis (Aijaz Aslam).

Inam Shah and Nooran Makhdoom’s story of Pujaran is pretty impressive. The casting is also perfectly suitable as per the demand of the story. Sarwat Gillani is doing her role with absolute perfection. 

Zahid Ahmed and Aijaz Aslam as educated and loving brothers are also looking great in their roles. All the experienced artists are giving their best performances and that is the reason Pujaran is appreciated by viewers.

To this point, it is an enjoyable drama serial with unique story of a negative as well as positive character. If you want to watch the next episode, mark your calendar as it will be aired on every Wednesday at 8pm only on TV One.  



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