Indus Threads: An Online Clothing Rental Service Bringing South Asian Fashion To U.S.


Indus Threads is a Silicon Valley based clothing rental service in the U.S. featuring South Asian designers and fashion. The company has developed a platform that allows North American consumers to rent South Asian wear. It is also enabling the promising South Asian designers to reach mainstream U.S. markets.

In a media meet-up held at T2f, Indus Threads founder Sumaira Nabeel shared the concept behind fashion startup,

“Our world is so interconnected. My dream is to make this connection through a platform that breaks down barriers of entry for design talent: It’s conscious, it’s green, and it’s where markets are heading.”

Sumaira Nabeel, inspired by her own experience and business back ground wanted to create a solution for consumers and make access to new markets seamless for designers.

Founded in 2015, IT was born out of a need for a service that could provide access to the newest South Asian fashion at the click of a button. With an active team working out of Karachi, company is partnering with reputed designers; Wardha Saleem, Ayesha Farooq Hashwani, Sanober Azfar, Sehrish Rehman, Nadia Farooqui, Maheen Karim, Zohra Alam, Elan, Nida Azwer, Kamiar Rokini and Mahgul, who believe in the long term vision of the company.

The media event was attended by famous designers and celebrities such as; ; Wardha Saleem,  Sanober Azfar and Kashif Rashid.