The Kitchen Tour: McDonald's Opened Its Doors


Several diseases being spread in our nation are caused by unhygienic food-preparations-methods.

 McDonalds  opened its doors to a hygiene initiative at their Sea View branch, Karachi. McDonald’s first opened its doors in September 1998 in Lahore; proving its dedication towards health.

There are currently 38 restaurants in 12 major cities of Pakistan and McDonald’s plans to expand their leadership position through great tasting food, superior service, everyday value and convenience.

 The event management and public relations was handled by BodyBeat Events & PR.

Present at the event were Sana Fukhar , Farooq Mengal , Asad Zaman, Benita David , Asma Sohail , Shanaz Ramzi, Shams Mistry , Nadya Mistry , Beenish Parvez, Sundus Tariq , Mona Imran ,Deepak Kumar ,Samiha Siddiqui , Sumeha Khalid , Wajeeha Shahid ,AB & Fahad Lakhani , Seth Ahsan Danish , Sadya Azhar , Uroosa & Mudabbir , Fahad Anwer , Afrah Jamal , Sundus Rasheed , Samra Muslim , Munaf Mansoor and many more ….

McDonald’s has always believed in providing its customers with high quality food and superior service in a clean and welcoming environment. To further strengthen this belief, McDonald’s has launched an Open Door Program that supports and promotes the organization’s ongoing commitment of transparency.

This multi-pronged program comprises of Open Door tours to the brand’s kitchens, through which consumers can take a close look at the quality standards of our products and procedures. Consumers can see how the food is handled, prepared and served. This program also consists of Virtual Tours of the restaurant’s kitchen. Viewers can login to McDonald’s official website and have a look at how the food is prepared whilst sitting in their homes.

“At McDonald’s it’s all about our customers and giving them the very best food. We want to be transparent about the food we serve so customers can be assured of safe and high quality food from us. Our customers have enjoyed our food for over 17 years in Pakistan and we stay committed to being our customer’s first choice”
said Mr. Jamil Mughal, Director Marketing, McDonald’s Pakistan.

Elaborating on the Open Door Program, the Director Marketing said that participants will learn the truth about McDonald’s food sourcing. They will also learn about McDonald’s stringent safety and quality checks ensured during the entire process.

McDonald’s is the only Quick Service restaurant in Pakistan to initiate such a program as the brand is committed to providing superior services to its consumers.



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