Review - Azra Lawn 2016 By Bashir Ahmad Textiles

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

As the mercury is rising day by day, every woman is indulging in shopping of latest lawn designs. We also jumped on the band wagon as soon as we started searching chic designs for summer wardrobe.

Our search for a decent lawn ended when we came across a trusted clothing brand Bashir Ahmad Textiles. For us, it was an unfamiliar name because we never used anything clothing from it. 

Honestly speaking its designs, prints and color combinations instantly attracted us. So, today's review is all about BAT brand and we are really thankful to this lovely brand for those beautiful prints.

First of all, let's see what the brand has to offer to its customers.

The Brand Claims:

Having an experience of 55 years in textile industry, the brand Bashir Ahmad aims to have a vibrant and energetic bond with their esteemed clients by offering them the sagacious trends, competitive niche and product perfection quality.

Sensational Designs:

Going through the whole album of 60 sensational designs and stylish looks of Azra Lawn Collection by Bashir Ahmad, it would be really difficult for any woman to select few printed suits, as all designs are unique and in good color combinations.

Design Az11b by Bashir Ahmad Textiles

The Black and White 

This suit is from Azra Lawn Volume 1 - 2016 collection. It is a printed three piece suit in classy black and white color combo. The over all unstitched fabric is 8 Meter which includes 3 Meter shirt, 2.5 Meter Trouser and 2.5 Meter Dupatta. 

It has a plain trouser paired with a printed shirt and dupatta. The sleeves are in black color with white border, where as the dupatta has a whitish background with a similar border.  

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

We briefed our tailor to stitch it as per the brand's style. However to enhance the overall look, we added a red lace to the both ends of dupatta. It really complimented the red neckline design.

The Bright Red

This unstitched red suit is also from Azra Lawn volume 1 - 2016 and includes 3 Meter shirt, 2.5 Meter Trouser and 2.5 Meter Dupatta. The color combination of red with light yellowish tone is very refreshing.

Design Az01c by Bashir Ahmad Textiles

 The overall look further enhanced by its greenish printed border. The neckline is already designed in complimentary printed colors which has an embroidered look. So, it doesn't need to be further decorated with any lace.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

The Decent Grey

Just like others, it is also a three piece suit of 7.5 Meters fabric which includes 2.5 Meter shirt, 2.5 Meter trouser, 2.5 Meter Dupatta.

It has a dark grey trouser with a printed shirt piece and dupatta. The shirt piece has no printed neckline or border. You can design it as per your own style and comfort. 

Design Az05a by Bashir Ahmad Textiles

Grey Dupatta. Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!


At the end of the day, we loved the fabric quality we got for this price range. Moreover, the fast color is another plus point. There were no bad results after shrinking the fabric.

In our case, there was no difference in original fabric color and online photographs. Each suit was nicely packed in a transparent plastic bag with a design photo for styling and stitching purpose.

We ordered our lawn suits online via brand's official website and received them in 3 - 4 days; means very efficient service by the brand.

So, from now onwards, we have included this Faisalabad based brand "Bashir Ahmad Textiles" in our list of favorite trusted brands for its super fabric quality and reasonable price.

Price Range:

A single unstitched suit is priced at Rs 1250 and Rs 1175. All lawn suits are comprised of a shirt, trouser and dupatta.


We would love to rate it straight 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


You can shop online through their official website: bashirahmadtextiles.com

Or simply visit their Facebook page: bashirahmadtextiles

Apart from online, it is easily available nationwide. 



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