Recipe - Fried Fish With Rice

Fried Fish With Rice. Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

 Almost everyone loves to eat fish based dishes. It may be the simple curry or tempura pieces or spicy fried fillets, fish is essential part of food for many of us. 

In our home, we usually like to cook fish with our own home made "Masala" (spice mixture). However, for this recipe me and my sister decided to try some locally available packet masala. 

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

From wide range of packets, we selected "Shan Fried Fish". Shan's spice mixture is available in 50 gm packaging, it is enough for 750 gm to 1 kg fish. We mostly like to have boneless fish dishes. Hence, for this recipe we used boneless fish fillets. You can use boneless pieces or whatever you want. 

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!


We followed the recipe instructions step by step printed on the packet. The easy steps are as follows:

Add 3 tbsp lemon juice in raw fish and leave it for 10 minutes then rinse it with tap water and pat dry each fish piece with kitchen tissue.

Mix garlic paste, Shan fried fish masala and oil in fish as per packet instructions.

Leave marinated fish for 2 hours.

For Batter:

Take 1 cup gram flour (baisan) in a bowl, add 1 egg in it and mix.

Add water in above mixture to make smooth - thin paste. 

Dip marinated fish in this batter and deep fry till golden color.

We served this delicious crispy fried fish with Chickpea Pulao. It was very yummy with a totally different taste. Shan spice mixture is balanced in its ingredients and enhanced the flavor of fish fillets. 


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