How To Test Makeup For Allergies


Beauty products or cosmetics – every single one product from shampoo to cosmetics to perfumes – can help you feel on top of your world. 

However, these things can also cause skin rashes and an painful allergic effect. According to a FDA survey, nearly 25% people experienced a skin allergy to some beauty product.

So, here are some simple ways to avoid any cosmetic reactions.

Always wash your face and hands before applying any beauty product.

Apply a small amount of any cream, moisturizer or beauty product to your wrist or elbow. Leave it for at least 8-10 hours and closely look for any sort of reaction, allergy or skin rash.

If there are no symptoms, than you are free to use your product.

Best way to avoid allergies is to avoid sharing beauty products with someone else. It means you are actually sharing germs and allergies with someone.

Never ever apply any eye makeup if you are having some redness or other eye related infection.

Discard all outdated cosmetics after 6-10 months from your collection .

Ask your doctor before applying any natural product, as many people have underlined allergy to some natural ingredients.


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