Wafa Ka Mausam Is All About The Game Of Love & Ego


The channel TV One has a history of entertaining its viewers with good drama ideas that has been admired by the audiences. The channel has already produced numerous well known dramas with great subjects and social issues, for example, drama serial Seeta Bagari. It is a story about a powerful Hindu woman who stand up to fight treachery and hate.

TV One productions’ new drama serial Wafa Ka Mausam is another very interesting and exciting story that has been written by famous writer Riffat Siraj and directed by Babar Qayyum. The first episode has already attracted huge viewership. The cast includes well known artist Aijaz Aslam, Neelum Muneer, Nouman Habib and Shafqat Cheema.

At the Wafa Ka Mausam bloggers’ meetup, held at The Patio restaurant, the director Babar Qayyum and the main characters Neelum Muneer and Aijaz Aslam shared views about their roles and the script. Neelum told bloggers that it is her first project with TV One and she is very excited about it. Aijaz talked about the importance of his role and how director superbly handled this project.

It is a deep love story dealing with class system. The triangle love story is about wealthy landlord’s energetic daughter Komal who will fell in love with Dara, a not so rich but self-made man. However, the factor of class difference and social status will give rise to egoistic behaviour and this will leave educated Komal in a difficult and tense situation. 

Nauman Habib as the third main character, Bazil, will play his role to complete the triangular love story. His role is full of life yet it turns the story into a more complex one. 

The first episode showed very beautiful village locations and luxurious houses and their lifestyles in a big city. The script sounds very strong and convincing. The tittle song is also very attractive and melodious, it is composed by Waqar Ali and sung by singer Quratulain.


If the story sounds interesting to you, than watch drama Wafa Ka Mausam to find out how Komal will endure the game of egos and is it possible for a true love to prevail in an intense situation.


Wafa Ka Mausam can be seen every Wednesday at 8:00 pm on TV One. 



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