Amir Adnan Opens 18th Flagship Store


Amir Adnan, known as a visionary designer with an unprecedented status within the Pakistani fashion industry, decided to take the markets in Rawalpindi by storm.

 The store marks as the 18th independent flagship store by Amir Adnan nationwide. The hand-painted walls, freshly stocked shelves and an exclusive couture section dedicated to grooms-wear in the basement all encapsulated the designer’s aesthetics of studied flamboyance.

“I should’ve made a decision to open a store in the indigenous markets of Rawalpindi years ago!” said Amir Adnan at the store opening. 

“It feels absolutely great to be in the Heart of Pakistan, where the people and the atmosphere are just so culturally rooted. Rawalpindi, in the truest sense of the word is a land of opportunities.”

Amir Adnan is the current recipient of the Achievement in Fashion Design Menswear award at the LUX Style Award 2016. His brand is the pioneering menswear label in Pakistan since its inception in 1990s and continues to revolutionize mind sets and dictate fashion trends nationally as well as internationally. 

Situated in Axis Center, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpinidi, the store opening went through a live broadcasting stream on Radio FM 97 and had its very own live fashion shoot within the premises. Male-models were present at the store as mannequins sporting latest Eid collection, couture Sherwanis as well as fresh off the boat Tuscany-inspired western-wear collection.